Testing & Tagging

Testing and tagging services are essential in ensuring that your electrical fittings and appliances are safe for use.

It is important that all your electrical appliances are regularly tested and tagged for safety and that they comply with the insurance and electrical regulations. This includes all equipment that plugs in or is connected to an electrical power supply socket. Testing and tagging are strongly recommended for all new, second hand, repaired, and hireable equipment.

Before any new equipment enters the workplace, it must be tested and deemed safe for use. Following the initial test, it will need to be tested regularly over its life span. The regularity of tests varies across the type of equipment and the environment it is used in. Common equipment that requires testing includes electrical appliances and tools, RCDs, cord sets and power boards. Environments such as workshops and factories are required to be checked more frequently than equipment in residential areas such as hotels, motels and hostels.

To find out specifically what it recommended for the equipment in your environment, speak with an electrician at Laser Electrical Morrinsville. They will outline the specific procedure required and they can assist you in setting up test and tag schedules and reminders.

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